Sunday School Instructor



Are you looking to serve children in a Christian environment? Do you have a heart for teaching children about the love and salvation found in Christ?

Then we invite you to apply for the Sunday School Teacher position in Cambridge and Scarbrough, Ontario.

Email us your resume at Linc@lifeinchrist.ca. We’d love to meet you!

Job Description:

  • Provide a safe, loving, and nurturing learning environment in the classroom that promotes faith development./li>
  • Follow safety guidelines, discipline, and peace-making practices
  • Prepare and present the Sunday School lessons, utilizing the existing lessons and any other creative means available.
  • Create new lessons for the Sunday school curriculum, following a similar layout to the existing lessons.
  • Know the lessons well and be ready to share God’s very Word with the children. Make sure all children hear the Gospel in every lesson and know that Jesus loves them.
  • Work with the church leaders to gather appropriate materials needed for the lesson before class time begins. (Bibles, pencils, flannelgraph, puppets, CD player, markers, scissors, glue, tape, construction paper, stickers, and so on).
  • Be in the classroom before class begins to develop relationships with the children, provide supervision, and transition into the Sunday School lesson.
  • Record attendance and collect offerings. Recognize each student’s birthday promptly.
  • Create weekly or bi-weekly video ads to be posted on the church website and social media platforms to invite children to attend the Sunday School.
  • Respond to all Sunday-school-related issues and offer guidance.
  • Write weekly reports to the supervisor. A template is available.
  • Deliver online (using Zoom) Sunday School classes when needed.

Job-Type: Part-Time, Casual

Part-Time Hours: 4-9 per week

Salary: $15 per hour

Application Form:

Allowed Types: .txt, .word, .pdf
Allowed Types: .txt, .word, .pdf