The New Beginnings Program (TNBP) provides education, counselling, and other support services for newcomers to Canada, helping new Canadians to integrate into their new life in Canada. TNBP is a division under The Ark department designed to have several cross-cultural programs to support newcomers in various communities across Greater Toronto and Tri-cities areas. These include language instruction, job search, activities, translation services, and information programs on Canadian culture for their integration with Canadian society. TNBP’s mission is to provide leadership and discipleship opportunities for local churches and community-based organizations to impact New Canadians’ lives positively.

Through these programs, The New Beginnings program strives to:

Help ease the human toll of the migrant crisis, both financially and personally.
Creating social and community interactive sessions to help the different age groups integrate into Canadian society.
Establish a Christian-inspired Refugee and community-focused program to address the current influx of refugees and newcomers to Canada. 
Provide an opportunity for LINC Ministries to work alongside your group to give a meaningful and international new beginning in Canada.

Adult Program

 In this program, we aim to reach adult newcomers and provide them with the tools and resources to succeed in their new journey in Canada.

English Classes: Language is among newcomers’ most challenging barriers. Therefore, the first part of the adult program is the basic conversational English classes. 

Educational Sessions: These sessions are significant sources of knowledge and experience that introduce newcomers to the different systems of Canada. These include but are not limited to Canadian culture, the education system, rights and responsibilities, and financial literacy. 

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Kids Program

 This is designed to help children who are newcomers to Canada to integrate into Canadian culture. Some activities include:

  • Singing songs.
  • Playing games.
  • Learning stories.
  • Creating crafts.
  • And more

Throughout the years, our TNBP kids’ program has been a positive experience and a safe space where kids can make friendships and develop their self-confidence and faith.

Check here to watch a summary of the kid’s program. 

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How can you get involved?

We extend our invitation to churches, and community-based organizations across Canada to use our resources to reach new Canadians in their neighbourhoods. Our program is divided into two sub-programs; the adult program and the children camp.

We want to help churches and community-based organizations optimum using our curriculum and marketing experience over the years. We recommend that you take advantage of our coaching services for a better success rate. If you require more information on coaching, don’t hesitate to contact us via email.

If your group is interested in a virtual group presentation by one of our team members, we will be happy to schedule a time to explore how you can benefit from the program. We can discuss the delivery option that works best for your conditions. We invite you to contact us via email.

Email Raghdah at:

Or Phone at: 905-604-5462

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