The Ark was started to support those who have fled from areas of war and persecution and providing them with safe refuge as they come to Canada. We want to use communication and understanding of their ways of life as an asset to love, nourish, strengthen, and guide them on the road to a whole and hopeful life.

The Ministry for refugees originally sprung from the inspiration to serve the Middle Eastern war victims. We work among newcomers from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon and Israel to aid their journey from their native country to Canada. read more…


Some of the ways we aid refugees in their new life in Canada is through:

Translation Services

English classes and places of conversation to practise and learn communication techniques

Transportation Services

Drivers to offer rides and to pick-up groceries, bring to appointments and any other needs.

Regular Socializing and Visitations

Regular check-ins and visits during throughout the time of major adjustment.

Drivers Education

Classes and support during drivers tests and education.

Job Search Support

Classes and support foir dealing with unemployment. Services include resume building and networking skills.

Continued Support and Communication

Continued check-ins and support throughout the adjustment process. To make Canada feel more like home.

How Can You Help?

    • Your Financial support makes this program possible. It allows us to continue supporting refugee families and aiding in their transition to Canada. We thank you and appreciate any financial support you are able to give.
    • You can send a cheque to our address and write “The Ark” in the memo. 

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    • Prayer is essential to supporting refugees who are making the difficult journey to Canada. We always appreciate your prayers for the refugees and for God’s continued grace for this program to continue.
    • This ministry is made possible because of the work of the volunteers from the LInC Ministry. The ministry has a Refugee Committee to plan for the arrival and settlement of each family and has created an organization in an effort to sponsor more refugees in the future.
    • Our staff continues to work day and night to help and support those who have settled here in Canada. Together we can reach those who have suffered to find hope in a new life.

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